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Woodturning in Texas Woods

I employ a number of different types of wood in my woodturnings. Most are native Texas woods that I have harvested locally (generally from trees felled for purposes other than just my woodworking). These woods include Texas Honey Mesquite, Texas Bodark (Bois d'arc or Osage Orange), Huisache (Sweet Acacia), native and hybrid Pecans, Live and Water Oaks, Texas, Green and White Ash, Hackberry, Elm, Walnut, Sycamore and Black Cherry. I also occasionally have access to and use wood from trees imported to Texas for landscape purposes. These include Crepe Myrtle, Redbud, Chinese Elm and some soft Maples. And occasionally you may see a bowl turned from really "foreign" woods (foreign to Texas anyhow), such as Pacific Teak or Australian "Blackbutt", which have been provided by generous friends.

If you like the woods I'm using in these turnings, you can find similar woods for sale on my other site, Texas

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