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Hand-Crafted Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels

Golden Oak Wheel - Our traditional single-band drive wheel.

Penguin Wheel - A contemporary, quill-type wheel

Spinning Wheel Accessories

Lazy Kates - tensioned Lazy Kates to match your wheel. Priced at US$ 100 when ordered with a wheel; US$ 150 if ordered alone.

Bobbins - A variety of bobbins to match your wheel. Priced at US$ 25 each when ordered with a wheel; US$ 75 each if ordered alone.

Threading Hooks - A selection of our imaginative creations. Priced at US $25 each.

The above prices may be higher if it is important for the finish to match an existing wheel.

Repairs and Restoration

We are prepared to undertake major repairs your existing spinning wheels, such as the reproduction and replacement of broken or missing parts. If the part is simply broken, we may be able to make repairs using the broken components. If necessary, we will reproduce and replace the part using identical or similar woods and other materials (leather, corn shucks, etc.). In the case of a missing part, we are prepared to research the style of the wheel and attempt to identify and reproduce the correct replacement part. At the least, we should be able to provide a reasonable and functional replacement for each part. We work hard to match the wood and finish of your spinning wheel. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Custom Work

We custom hand-craft beautiful spinning wheels from your choice of fine hardwoods. We have experience with, and plans for, several fine wheels and are prepared to handcraft one of these models using the hardwoods that you specify (and with which we agree are suitable). As you can see from the photographs above, we are fond of wheels in oak. All wheels are carefully sanded to a satin surface and generally finished with hand-rubbed Danish oil.

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