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Hand-Crafted Rocking Horses

Rocking Horses

Audrey Rocking Horse

Elizabeth Rocking Horse

Brianna Rocking Horse

Custom Work

We custom hand-craft these rocking horses from your choice of softwood or fine hardwoods. We have experience with, and plans for, several rocking horses and are prepared to handcraft one of these models using the hardwoods that you specify (and with which we agree are suitable). All hardwood horses are carefully sanded to a satin surface and generally finished with hand-rubbed Danish oil.

Repairs and Restoration

We are prepared to assist with repairs to or restoration of your heirloom rocking horses. If a part is simply broken, we may be able to make repairs using the broken components. If necessary, we can probably reproduce and replace the part using identical or similar woods and other materials (leather, wool, horse hair, etc.). We work hard to match the wood and finish of your rocking horse. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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