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Bandsaw Boxes

Bandsaw boxes are small general purpose boxes made almost entirely with a bandsaw and cut from a single thick block of solid or laminated wood. The boxes are generally hollowed-out to form cavities which contain drawers. The drawers themselves are cut from the blocks removed in the carving of the main box body, and are hollowed out to form the inside of each drawer such that the grain and wood character of all pieces match. In some instances, bandsaw boxes are are made with a lid, and contain smaller lidded boxes nested within. All of these elements are also cut from the single large original wooden block.

The process of making a bandsaw box typically involves carefully cutting off a portion of the block with a very thin bandsaw blade so that the bandsaw can reach the interior and cut-out the drawer cavities or the nested internal boxes. Once these cavities are cut-out, the originally cut-off piece(s) are reattached to the block. If the cuts and the reassembly are made carefully, the cut is nearly invisible and the grain and character of the wood is continuous as if they had never been cut - creating an air of mystery... "how in heck did he make that?".

These are truly Texas bandsaw boxes, being made exclusively with wood from here in south Texas. Recently I have been using Pecan and Water Oak from the margins of the Katy Prairie (generally heavily spalted). Soon to come are boxes made from Honey Mesquite from the nearby Brazos river bottom. They are generally completed with hand-rubbed Danish oil or a wipe-on polyurethane and then buffed and waxed to a very nice finish.

Fish Series

The fish series of boxes are all relatively simple, single drawer boxes. The drawers are relatively deep and spacious to hold lots of baubles.

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Marine Series

These boxes all are of relatively low profile and have two shallow drawers. The overall shapes of the boxes and the drawers are intended to suggest marine themes.

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Tower Series

The tower series are all upright bandsaw boxes. They contain two or three deep and spacious drawers which are well suited to hold a variety of jewlery or other treasures.

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