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Bird Mobiles in Native Texas Woods

These small wild bird mobiles are typically shaped from native Texas Woods and assembled with solid brass hardware. The articulated birds (the wing joints are flexible) are light and airey and balanced such that they move and gently flap their wings in the slightest breeze. To date, I have built them only from native Texas woods, mainly Water and Live Oak, and Honey Mesquite. The bodies of most of the birds are the natural color of the wood - the golden brown of the Texas Oak, dark red/brown of the Honey Mesquite, and golden yellow of Osage Orange. However, I have stained and/or painted the necks and heads of the Mallards and Canadian Geese to simulate their bright and distinctive colors. These birds are finished in clear, glossy polyurethane for outdoor protection and so that the beautiful grain of the wood shows through.

The photos below generally show the birds in an outdoor setting, but they are very nice when hung in a partial shelter, such as a breezeway or porch. This also provides additional protection against Mother Nature's steady assault on the finish.

Texas Oak Mallard

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Mesquite Cardinal

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Canadian Goose

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