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Welcome to the “little woodshop on the Katy Prairie”. This is the shop of Lloyd Stahl, a semi-retired marine geologist and rancher who has been a part-time wood craftsman for over 30 years. Lloyd recently decided that it was time to make woodworking a business rather than a hobby. His recent work has included classic spinning wheels, high-end rocking horses and both utilitarian and artistic wood turning.

Prairie’s End Woodcrafts takes its name from the Katy Prairie, which lies on the Texas Coastal Plain between the city of Houston (to the east) and the Brazos River (to the west). The Katy Prairie, once a tall grass prairie with numerous wetland areas, is hard to recognize now due to the pressures of agricultural development (primarily rice farming) and the encroachment of metropolitan Houston. Many of the wetlands still exist (for the moment) and the area is popular with migratory waterfowl – being part of a major flyway for geese and ducks.

The woodshop is named “Prairies End” for two reasons - one, that it is located on what was the Katy Prairie and has been here long enough to witness some of the loss of prairie and agricultural land in the area to urban development (thus, the end of the prairie), and secondly (tongue in cheek), that the woodshop is truly at “prairie’s end” – it is located at the dead-end of Prairie Lane, in the country (for the moment) south of the town of Katy, Texas.

Artistic Vessels

Turned Bowls







My Favorites

I employ a number of different types of wood in my woodworking. Most are native Texas woods that I have harvested locally (generally from trees felled for purposes other than just my needs). These woods include Texas Honey Mesquite, Texas Bodark (Bois d'arc or Osage Orange), Huisache (Sweet Acacia), Texas Ebony, native and hybrid Pecans, Live and Water Oaks, Texas, Green and White Ash, Hackberry, Elm, Walnut, Sycamore and Black Cherry. I also occasionally have access to and use wood from trees imported to Texas for landscape purposes. These include Crepe Myrtle, Redbud, Chinese Elm and some soft Maples. And occasionally you may see a bowl turned from really "foreign" woods (foreign to Texas anyhow), such as Pacific Teak or Australian "Blackbutt", which have been provided by generous friends.

If you like the woods I'm using in these turnings, you can find similar woods for sale on my companion website, Texas

I occasionally do woodwork other than "turning". If you are interested in my "flat work" such as Rocking Horses, Spinning Wheels, Wild Bird Mobiles' Bandsawn Boxes and Texas Tables, please click here
Other Woodcraft items by Lloyd Stahl

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